Hospital chief details plan to reverse losses


Lee Isley, president and chief executive officer of Nash UNC Health Care, explains Monday to the Nash County Board of Commissioners how the hospital plans to be profitable by 2020.


Staff Writer

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

NASHVILLE — Nash UNC Health Care has a remedy for its financial ailments.

Lee Isley, the hospital's president and chief executive officer, made a presentation to the Nash County Board of Commissioners during its regular monthly workshop meeting Monday.

Isley told the board that while the hospital hasn't turned a profit from its operations side in years, a plan is in place now for the hospital to be profitable by 2020.

Isley said he wants to talk to the board to keep an open dialogue. He said the hospital has been making huge improvements in its patient satisfaction statistics.

In a wide survey of hospitals conducted by Medicare, Nash UNC is way up across the board in categories such as doctor communication.

As an example, from July to September 2017 the hospital's percentile rating on cleanliness was 41. During the same time period this year the hospital's rating was 80, a marked improvement.

The hospital's Heart Center, wound care, ultrasound and other services are in the 99th percentile. The overall rating of care jumped from the 11th percentile this time last year to the 70th percentile now.

Patient wait time was 60 minutes last year compaired to 22 minutes now, Isley said.

Being affiliated with UNC means better electronic medical records, top-notch heart programs and comprehensive cancer care.

As far as making money, the hospital is in the process of implimenting its data-driven 2020+ plan, which is designed to realize efficiencies and move toward sustainability. Nearly 70 percent of 2020+ initiatives focus on cutting expenses, Isley said.