Camp teaches kids self defense

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Damien Wozniak, 13, right, uses the self defense skills that he learned on Sensei Allen Clark Wednesday at Self Defense 4-H Summer Camp at Nash County Agriculture Center in Nashville.


Telegram Correspondent

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Don’t mess with these kids.

Fresh out of 4-H Self Defense camp, 12 boys and girls have learned how to defend themselves through lessons with Instructor Allen Clark of the Nashville Academy of Martial Arts.

The camp was held for three days, for three hours each day at the Nashville Agriculture Center. The kids learned jiu jitsu and how to use their body as a weapon as well as how to use their book bags as a weapon.

The Nashville Academy of Martial Arts’ website says, “Our goal at NAMA is not only to teach the art and traditional aspects of our styles, but to instill values, discipline and practical techniques that can be used in the real world.”

Even though the kids only had three hours per day to spend with Clark, he maximized the time by focusing on the most effective moves they should know —everything from a roundhouse kick, to learning how to fall, to getting an attacker’s hands off of them so they can do what Clark said should be their first choice of moves: Run.

“Your most useful tool is on the bottom of your feet,” he joked with them.

Kenyatta Grant and Martha Best were very enthusiastic about the camp.

“I liked him teaching us how to defend ourselves,” Best said.

She said her favorite move to learn was the roundhouse kick, while Grant said she preferred learning what to do if someone gets angry and sticks their finger in her face.

“I wish it went for four days instead of three though, cause I’m not ready for it to end,” Grant said.

They both agreed they would love to come back next year.