Events to showcase pipeline jobs


Staff Writer

Sunday, April 15, 2018

With the $6 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline going through Nash County, pipeline officials are holding several construction open house and job fair events in North Carolina in areas where the pipeline will be constructed.

An open house and job fair event has been scheduled to take place from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Northern Nash High School. Aaron Ruby, media relations manager at Dominion Energy, said full construction on the interstate natural gas pipeline is set to start later this spring and the upcoming event will allow people to learn more about what to expect during construction of the pipeline.

In addition, Ruby said, the event will give people who are interested in working on the project a chance to learn more about job opportunities. More than 150 men and women will have an opportunity to train at Nash Community College to go to work on the project. Spring Ride Constructors LLC will be the lead construction contractor of the proposed 600-mile pipeline project.

“Trade unions are working with NCC to recruit some of the workforce and offer training and apprenticeship programs to local residents,” he said. “At the event, we will have representatives from the four construction trade unions that will be doing the hiring and training the workforce.”

The project will have several types of construction jobs available for local residents and opportunities for local subcontractors. The pipeline construction positions will consist of laborers, whose job will be to implement hands-on pipeline activities. The Teamsters will be used to transport and deliver personnel, materials and equipment for the project with company-supplied vehicles. 

In addition, there will be operators who will operate heavy equipment such as excavators, bull dozers, pipe bending machines, pipe laying machines, cranes, fork lifts, generators, compressors and pumps. They will also be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the equipment that will be used throughout the project.

Ruby said the hourly pay for the pipeline jobs are $20, $25 and up to $50 an hour. 

“These are highly-skilled jobs and they’re good paying jobs with excellent benefits,” he said. “These are great opportunities for people that already work in the construction industry, who have a trade and craft in construction. Also, this is a great opportunity for people that don’t work in the construction industry but are looking for the opportunity to learn a new skill or trade and get to work on this project for two years. They can use that experience as a stepping stone to start a whole new career in the construction industry.” 

Officials said the completition of the project will be 2019. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is touted to bring substantial and lasting economic benefits to communities across West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. Officials estimated the pipeline construction will support 17,000 jobs, $2.7 billion in economic activity and $4.2 million in annual local tax revenue.