Pet spa offers self-service dog washing

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Dalton Tharrington, right, washes his Boxer Cash on Wednesday at Wash ‘N Wag at Pet’s Best Friend on North Winstead Avenue. Wag ’N Wash is Rocky Mount’s first and only self-service dog wash.


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Thursday, February 15, 2018

A longtime pet care service center is offering dog owners a place to get their pets cleaned and smelling fresh.

Pet’s Best Friend at 1071 N. Winstead Ave. has recently opened Rocky Mount’s first and only self-service dog wash called Wash ‘N Wag, said Susan Baker, president and owner of Pet’s Best Friend. Pet’s Best Friend held a free promotional day Saturday that had 12 people come out to use the new dog cleaning service.

Baker said the new self-service dog wash allows customers to bathe their dog using high-end grooming equipment.

“These things are already out there, but I think the closest one, from what my clients tell me, is in Knightdale,” Baker said. “I think it’s going to be a good thing for this area. It’s one of the last things on my list that I wanted to add since we’ve moved to this location in 2013, and the only other thing is having a building out back for boarding.”

She added the service allows people the convenience of washing, cleaning and rinsing their pets without the trouble of being uncomfortable doing it. The self-service dog wash will always have a Pet’s Best Friend staff member around to help customers with any issues, Baker said.

“Bathing your dog at home in the family tub can be back-breaking and knee-wrenching work,” she said. “Not only is it uneasy, but you can create a huge mess such as dirty tubs, clogged drains, mounds of towels, wet hairy floors and walls. If you opt for the backyard, there’s mud, cold water from the hose and even runaways. Neither option is fun and both result in frustration and lots of cleanup for you.”

Baker said the Wash ‘N Wag self-service dog wash features two raised, stainless-steel tubs that include one that has a ramp for large dogs. It also has easy variable pressure spray nozzles, all-natural, chemical-free shampoos with medicated shampoos allowed, rubber scrubbers for really tough dirt, fresh laundered towels, ear cleaner and cotton, combs, brushes, rakes, nail trimmers, adjustable tub restraints to deter pets from escaping, waterproof aprons to keep customers dry, dog cologne and treats. 

“I’m also going to be bringing in a spare grooming table that will be placed outside on a hydraudlic table, so people can comb their dogs or trim their nails,” Baker said.

Baker said customers who aren’t clients of Pet’s Best Friend must provide proof of current dog vaccinations. Though walk-ins are welcome, Baker strongly urges customers to set up appointments to keep people from having to wait too long right. 

Pet’s Best Friend is currently open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Baker added because of the addition of the Wash ‘N Wag service, it will also be open on Saturday and Sunday. 

For information and or to find out about pricing of the Wash ‘N Wag, contact Pet’s Best Friend at 252-937-7205 or go to www.petsbestfriendinc.com