Candidate filing to begin


Staff Writer

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Candidate filing in the Twin Counties for the 2018 elections begins noon on Monday and runs through noon on Feb. 28.

Registred voters wishing to run for office should appear at the Board of Elections offices in either Nash or Edgecombe counties during the filing period, complete the necessary paperwork and pay the filing fee, according to officials from the Nash and Edgecombe county Board of Elections.

Seats up for election in Nash County include the N.C. Senate seats held by N.C. Sen. Angela Bryant, D-Nash, of District 4 and N.C. Sen. Rick Horner, R-Wilson, of District 11.

Horner, who represents Nash and Wilson counties, said he will be filing for re-election Monday, which is a change of heart for the Republican. Horner previously told the Telegram he was  possibly going to step aside if revisions to his district had taken place. The redistricting plan would have included the southern half of Johnston County and all of Wilson, Edgecombe and Halifax counties.

Horner said the new District 11 will cover northernwestern Johnston County and the entirety of Nash County.

“The reason why I said I wouldn’t run because I know Nash County, and I’ve worked hard in Johnston to know those people,” he said. “I know nothing about Edgecombe and Halifax. I don’t think anyone should run for office if they don’t know the people they’re serving.”

Horner said in regards to the redistricting fight taking place that voters shouldn’t have anything to worry about changes happening with elected officials in districts representing Nash and Edgecombe counties.

According to the Nash County website, other seats up for the election are the N.C. House seats held by  by N.C. Rep. Bobbie Richardson, D-Franklin, of District 7 and N.C. Rep. Jeff Collins, R-Nash, of District 25. Collins has said in the past he won’t seek re-election.

In Edgecombe County, the seat up for election in the N.C. House is held by N.C. Rep. Shelly Willingham, D-Edgecombe, of District 23.

“Our county groupings aren’t being contested by either side, and the Democrats and Republicans all agree on these county groupings,” Horner said.

Other offices up for election in Nash County are the Clerk of Superior Court post held by Rachel Joyner, a Democrat, and that of Nash County Sheriff  Keith Stone, a Republican. The Nash County commissioner seats up for election will be District 2 held by Fred Belfield, a Democrat, District 5 held by Wayne Outlaw, a Republican, District 6 held by Mary Wells, a Democrat, and District 7 held by Robbie Davis, a Republican, who is the Nash County board chairman.

Other offices up for election in Edgecombe County are the Clerk of Superior Court position held by Carol White and that of Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson, a Democrat. The Edgecombe County commissioner seats up for election are District 4 held by Billy Wooten, a Democrat, District 6 held by Donald Boswell, a Democrat, and Distrct 7 held by Wayne Hines, a Democrat.

The Edgecombe County Board of Education will be a non-partisan election in the May primary. Seats up for the board will be District 1 held by Evelyn Wilson, a Democrat, District 3 held by Evelyn Johnson, a Democrat, District 5 held by Ann Kent, a Democrat, and District 7 held by Marva Scott, a Democrat. 

Jerry Spruell, Edgecombe County elections director, said the county now falls inside N.C. Senate District 4 and District 3 no longer contains any part of  Edgecombe County.