School board elects new leaders

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Ann Edge


Staff Writer

Friday, January 12, 2018

NASHVILLE — Ann Edge, the former vice chairwoman of the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education, now leads the school board.

The move came at the school board meeting on Thursday night. Each January, the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education elects school board leaders for the year, according to board policy. At Monday night’s meeting, school board member Wayne Doll nominated Wendy Wilson, who served as chairwoman during 2017, to serve again.

“Ms. Wilson has done an excellent job as chairman, and I feel that should continue,” Doll said.

However, school board member LaShawnda Washington proposed that Edge should become chairwoman. The matter came to a vote and Edge won the position by a vote of 7 to 4, with school board members Wayne Doll, Brenda Brown, Ricky Jenkins and Wilson herself voting for Wilson and the other board members supporting Edge.

When it came time for nominations for vice chairman, Wilson’s name was again proposed for the position as was board member Bill Sharpe. Sharpe won the vote by a margin of 6 to 4, with Frankin Lamm abstaining from the vote.

Edge’s first action as board chairwoman was to thank Wilson for her service.

“I have served as her vice chair this past year. When she came on, she said that we would be connected at the hip, and we were, indeed, connected at the hip. I think we should all stand and give her a big round of applause,” she said.

Edge then gave Wilson a chance to share her thoughts.

“I appreciated the opportunity to serve as chair,” Wilson said. “And from a family standpoint, I somewhat appreciate the opportunity to not serve as chair. I know we are in good hands with Ms. Edge and Mr. Sharpe, and I look forward to a good year.”

Edge thanked board members for their confidence in her ability to lead the board.

“I am hoping that we will remember what Mr. Silver said as he was going out of office — that we would lead this board with faithfulness and integrity. And I would like to repeat what our superintendent has said recently, that we have gone through some turmoil and some triumphs, but we are looking forward to having many more triumphs than turmoil.”

Edge also said she hopes to refocus the priorities of the school board in new year.

“As we work to make Nash-Rocky Mount schools a shining light Down East, I am looking forward to working with this board, our superintendent, our staff, our community and our parents. Most of all, I look forward to doing what we need to do to make the main thing, the main thing.

“And the main thing is our children.”

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited to correct one of the names of the people who voted for Wendy Wilson to serve a chairwoman of the school board.