New year brings fitness resolutions

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Matt Barnette does a Butterfly Pull Up during his workout Tuesday at CrossFit Naos.


Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A common New Year’s resolution is people looking to lose weight and get fit for the year.

Mike Cook, owner and founder of Ultimate Backyard Warrior gym on North Church Street, said it’s normal that so many people’s first commitment of the year is to want to go to the gym and make some changes to their bodies.

“I bet if you did a poll of people’s New Year’s resolutions that 75 percent say they want to get into better shape for the new year,” Cook said. 

Cook’s Ultimate Backyard Warrior gym specializes in ninja training as well as obstacle course racing and cross-training. Ultimate Backyard Warrior is known for having a slew of competitors from the hit show American Ninja Warrior to come down to Rocky Mount and compete in the ninja warrior competition for a chance for prize money.

Cook said his gym had a 50 percent increase of people signing up for upcoming classes than the previous month.

“Right now is the time when you see the biggest increase of more people wanting to come to the gym and doing everything they can to get in shape,” he said. 

Another locally-owned gym, CrossFit Naos on English Drive, has gotten an influx of calls and e-mails from people wanting to come to work out, lose weight and reach their fitness goals, said co-owner Jay Whaley.

Whaley said it’s important that people wanting to see changes in their physiques start with changing their lifestyle, preferably their eating habits.

“Eighty-percent is changing your nutrition,” Whaley said. “If you don’t change that, you’re not going to get the results that you’re looking for.”

Cook said in most cases, losing weight and getting in shape are also the most broken New Year’s resolutions.

“The truth be told is that only about 10 percent follow through with their long-term commitment because the biggest reason is it starts off as something new, but then it becomes not fun to them,” he said. “I think that’s something different with us is we try to keep it fun and push people.”

Cook added it’s important for people looking to reach a certain fitness goal that they believe it can be done.

“It’s important to keep people inspired and that’s the way to keep people engaged when you talk about being effective in training and weight loss,” Cook said. “As gym owners, we have to commit to our clients and go on this journey together.”

Whaley said Cross Fit Naos has an open door policy for people to come see what the cross fit work out routine is all about.

“We’re community-based and we encourage everyone to come out and learn about our foundational classes,” he said. “We’re not here to judge but to help people reach their goals.”

For more information, contact Ultimate Backyard Warrior at 252-443-6333 or CrossFit Naos at 252-452-0887.