Children’s Museum to open new exhibit


Staff Writer

Monday, January 1, 2018

Kids will get a chance to travel back in time millions of years and live like a dinosaur as part of a new museum exhibit coming to Rocky Mount.

Pterosaurs, Plesiosaurs and Phytosaurs will all be on hand for a “Dinosaur Revolution,” a new exhibit at the Children’s Museum and Science Center at the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences.

The exhibit will open Jan. 24 and run through Aug. 26. The Children's Museum will be closed until Jan. 23 to prepare for the new exhibit.

When the exhibit opens, guests will have the opportunity to become a junior paleontologist and find evidence of dinosaurs, learn why dinosaurs are one of the most successful survivors in earth's history and unearth a shocking discovery: Dinosaurs may not be extinct, said Leigh White, the curator of education for the Children’s Museum and Science Center.

“Visitors will be able to live as the dinosaurs lived, discover new answers to old questions and explore what it takes to study dinosaurs,” White said. “This exhibit is very interactive and even includes a maze.”

Kids will be able to uncover the facts, fictions and fossils of dinosaurs as they live large in reptilian role-playing activities. Explorers also will be able to travel through time and get a dinosaur’s view, as well as experience what it’s like to crush the earth beneath gigantic feet. Hands-on activities like the Mystery Fossil Dig and Create-a-Dino will engage young minds and encourage growth.

Located at 270 Gay Street in downtown Rocky Mount, the Children’s Museum and Science Center at the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences is the place to hear the dinosaurs roar. For more information, call 252-972-1151.