St. Andrew's serves others with turkey giveaway

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HalleAnn Mosley, 7, picks up a turkey that will be given to a community member Saturday at the turkey give-away at St Andrew's Episcopal Church.


Staff Writer

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A local church wanted to show love to the community with Thanksgiving around the corner.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church at 301 S. Circle Drive in Rocky Mount gave away 80 one-pound turkeys to local residents Saturday. Elizabeth Mosley, food pantry coordinator for St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, said this was the first time the church had done a turkey giveaway.

Mosley said the church’s parish leadership, led by the Rev. George H. Greer Jr., believed this was a good idea to give back to the people in the Twin Counties.

“We felt the need to do this because there is a lot of hardship in Rocky Mount,” Mosley said. “It’s just a very small way we can help. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a happy time to be with your families and cook that traditional turkey or ham. Unfortunately, some families can’t afford to do that, so this provides that little helping hand to make ends meet because Jesus said he wanted us to love our neighbor. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Clifton Marks was among the first in line to receive a free turkey from the church. Marks said he looks forward to cooking the bird for Thanksgiving and was appreciative for the church.

“I’m just really grateful, and I think this is just a wonderful thing that they’ve done,” Marks said. “I’m retired and have very little money coming in. This is going to help make Thanksgiving a lot more enjoyable.”

Essie Milbourne, who was also a recipient of a free turkey, said St. Andrew’s Episcopal is known for stepping up and doing positive things in the community.

“This is awesome, and not only did they give away turkeys, but they also asked if anyone wanted someone to pray for them,” Milbourne said. “When you see something done out of love, no matter the race or church denomination, it just makes you feel good. This is also an example of God’s love through his people.”

In addition to the turkey giveaway, Mosley said, St. Andrew’s Episcopal has a food pantry where it serves about 100 families a month and receives funds for the food pantry through the United Way Tar River Region’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program. Mosley said in the near future the church will give away its traditional holiday food bags where people looking to be a recipient must register through the church’s food pantry.

“Each bag of groceries we give them, they’re able to get several meals out of them,” Mosley said. “Our holiday bags are a little different than what we normally put in there. From the turkey give away and our food pantry, it’s all just a little bit to help our community.”