Childen’s museum to launch new exhibit


Kavick Ricks puts together a piece of the new exhibit 'Ocean Bound' on Tuesday at the Imperial Centre.


By Lindell John Kay
Staff Writer

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The city's children’s museum is getting ready to take a deep dive into environmental science.

The Children’s Museum and Science Center at the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences will be changing exhibits this month. “Roots of Wisdom” closed this week. The new exhibit, “Ocean Bound!” will flow in at 10 a.m. Sept. 26.

The exhibit will encourage visitors to act as scientists on a journey through watersheds to see how everyone’s actions on land affect the oceans.

The exhibit includes multiple hands-on stations where guests can make it rain in a 3-D watershed model, guide water safely through a hazardous maze and pilot a full-sized virtual submersible from a mountain stream all the way to the ocean.

A watershed is an area of land that collects water that then drains into a marsh, stream, river or lake. Eventually that water makes its way to the ocean. The exhibit will teach visitors what is done on land affects the oceans, said Leigh White, curator of Education for the Children’s Museum and Science Center.

“No matter where you live in the world, everyone lives in a watershed,” White said. “Residents of the Twin Counties live in the Tar-Pamlico watershed. What we do on land not only affects the local environment, it affects the ocean as well. A healthy watershed means a healthier ocean.”

For more information about the exhibit, call 252-972-1151.