Home care agency expands services


Staff Writer

Monday, August 21, 2017

Despite being located in the local area for 15 years, Quality Home Staffing is looking to rebuild its presence in the area.

The home care agency at 2639 Sunset Ave. in Suite A specializes in providing licensed home aide services primarily to seniors and people who are disabled. Beverly Mineo, CEO of Quality Home Staffing and a registered nurse, said the company with eight locations in Eastern North Carolina, including Rocky Mount, has undergone some turnover in the past several years.

“Just like other businesses, people lose jobs and we’ve had some staffing changes in the office and somehow lost connections with people in Rocky Mount, so we’re trying to re-establish ourselves in Rocky Mount by building connections, making new connections, building our network and having a bigger presence in the community.”

Mineo said the agency is looking to broaden its customer base and not limit its services to seniors. The company has recently started home care services for expectant and new mothers called “Savvy Mommy.” In 2015, Quality Home Staffing added “Savvy Senior”, which exclusively catered to clients who wish to have a higher level of home care.

Mineo doesn’t want the public to view Savvy Mommy as a babysitting service. Aides selected can assist with hourly and evening care services such as light housekeeping, doing laundry, meal preparation, running errands, after-school care and other household chores.

Mineo said Quality Home Staffing is still seeking its first customer and is using the Rocky Mount area as a pilot to see whether there is a market for the service. She added the agency has gift certificates for people who want to give to an expectant or new mother for events like a baby shower.

“This could be a service for mothers that had a difficult pregnancy that requires bed rest when they come home and they need a few hours of uninterrupted sleep,” she said. New mothers that are sleep deprived are prone to postpartum depression. “Our aides would be in the home and could do some chores to help run the home while also listening out for the baby.”

Eileen Johnson, home care supervisor for Quality Home Staffing and a registered nurse, has a long background in obsterics and gynaecology. She said mothers receiving the service can rest assured that Quality Home Staffing will have aides ready to step in with additional education and training they will receive to do an effective job.

“We’re going to have classes where our aides are going to understand what new parents are being taught nowadays, so everybody will be on the same page with the parents,” Johnson said. “We don’t want aides going to someone home doing things they know one way and the parents are saying their doctors want it done another way.”


Available people in the area with experience in being an aide can apply for employment by going on the agency’s website at www.qualitystaffing.com.