Davis-led group buys TV station


Nash County board Chairman Robbie Davis


Staff Writer

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Nash County commissioner has become partial owner of a local television station.

Board Chairman Robbie Davis purchased 37.5 percent of WHIG in June, according to FCC filings.

Davis said he invested in WHIG to preserve the legacy of his friend Herb Greenberg, who created the station two decades ago.

“Herb was a close friend,” Davis said. “I also did this as an investment.”

WHIG has plans to move to the campus of N.C. Wesleyan College, said Judy Rollins, the college's vice president of enrollment and marketing.

“We do not have the exact date but we think it will be in September,” Rollins said. “We plan to partner with WHIG on a number of initiatives, including internships for our students. We are very excited about all of the opportunities this presents to the college and our students.”

WHIG announced its new ownership on air Thursday morning after the Telegram posed questions the previous day. Davis purchased the station with local millionaire Steve Wordsworth, who owns a stake in the Carolina Panthers and contributed to Davis' 2014 political campaign, according to corporate and elections filings.

To make the purchase, Davis and Wordsworth formed RSS Media, a limited liability corporation with Sandra Smith, the station's general manager.

Greenberg died at 65 in 2014. His estate was contested between his widow, Gladys Greenberg, and his sister, Mary Beth Greenberg. The sister was allowed by court order to sell the station to RSS for $65,000.

Gladys Greenberg is protesting the sale with the FCC’s Media Bureau.

“The Will of the late Herbert Greenberg provided me with 70 percent of his assets,” Gladys Greenberg said in an Aug. 4 letter to Deputy Division Chief David Brown. “The license of WHIG is listed 75 percent owned by my late husband which gives me 52.5 percent of the Station's license thus I should have the controlling interest.”