Cummins marks four millionth engine


Randy Green, right, and Nick Jones perform an oil and water leak test on a Gryphon engine in October 2009 at Cummins Rocky Mount Engine plant.


Staff Writer

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant recently accomplished a noteworthy achievement.

The local engine plant, which has experienced significant growth for more than 30 years, celebrated the milestone of building its four millionth engine earlier this month. John Judd, plant manager of Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant since May 2016, said this is a remarkable feat for the employees.

“This is an incredible achievement for the many men and women who have helped make Rocky Mount a successful plant, a great place to work and one of Cummins’ premier manufacturing facilities,” Judd said. “I am glad that the teams throughout the plant took this opportunity to reflect on this moment and celebrate what we have accomplished together, which is tremendous teamwork, performance and execution. I am also humbled and thrilled that many employees who built the first engine are still contributing to our success and had a chance to help build our four millionth engine. Many things have changed, but the pride we take in our work remains. This milestone exemplifies a bright future for Rocky Mount Engine Plant, our employees and our community.”

The local plant is also known to be a heavy contributor in the community. Last year, several Cummins’ employees took time away from the plant to help residents in Edgecombe County displaced from Hurricane Matthew with a feeding event. Also, Cummins has continued to have the largest employee campaign for the United Tar River Region fundraising campaign, which again exceeded its fundraising goal of $1.2 million for 2016-17.

Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant produces mid-range engines for customers around the world that are used in trucks and buses, construction, emergency, vocational and recreational vehicles as well as marine, military, argicultural and forestry equipment. 

The local plant sells nearly $1.9 billion in products annually, exporting $500 million to customers outside the United States. Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant also manufactures cylinder heads and blocks.

As the Twin Counties’ second largest employer behind Pfizer, Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant employs nearly 1,700 people at the local plant in Whitakers. Norris Tolson, president and CEO of the Carolinas Gateway Partnership, said Cummins has been a vital employer in the local area.

“We’re proud of what Cummins has meant for us, and has created a lot of jobs,” Tolson said. “They’re a very important economic engine for Nash and Edgecombe counties because of the impact of jobs they’ve made. Cummins is also a very good engine supplier and we hope they will continue to thrive in our area.”