Storm costs at $2.3M in Edgecombe


STaff Writer

Sunday, March 19, 2017

TARBORO — Edgecombe County has spent $2.3 million on Hurricane Matthew recovery, with most of it reimbursable by FEMA.

The county spent $725,000 in storm cleanup, $250,000 in storm debris removal, $300,000 on employee salaries and $900,000 on repairs to the courthouse.

There have been 49 permits issued for temporary housing, said Edgecombe County Manager Eric Evans.

Around 150 families are still living in hotels or other temporary housing.

So far, 400 residents have signed up for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, with 178 owners of properties with homes and 47 vacant lots in Princeville opting for a buyout.

The program offers three types of assistance. First, a buyout includes a home being demolished and the land being deeded to the local government with the permanent condition a house is never built on the property again. Second, a structure can be elevated to prevent future flooding. And third, a house can be rebuilt. This includes the construction of an improved, code-compliant, elevated home on the same site where the existing home has been partially or completed destroyed due to flooding.

Evans said he expects the program is staff is just waiting for the guidelines to be completed and he expects the grant agreement by mid-March.