Letter to the Editor: Focus on the future, not the past


Monday, September 23, 2019

How sad.

I sat in the City Council meeting Monday night and heard remarks about slavery, crime, trucks parking on streets and numerous other remarks. I heard the comment that the sanitation workers that were wronged should be given monetary restitution. We have all made mistakes. How can a city move forward if all we do is continue to look back? I feel for the people that were wronged but like many of you I was not there.

My travels has taken me to different countries and I know I am blessed to have seen other parts of the world. Death camps still stand as a sad reminder in Europe not to let history repeat itself. If we destroy our past, how are we ever going to learn anything for the future? As painful as some of these things are, we should be using it as a teaching tool for our youth of what not to do.

I found it very, very sad that we could bring up a monument and discuss that it offends some people but no one even mentions 9/11. No prayer, no moment of silence, nothing for our emergency teams that went in to save others with no regard for their own life. No mention of the children that will never know their parents, the list could continue but you get the general thought. Ironic isn't it.

Please stop focusing on the past, learn from it. Teach our children using our mistakes as history lessons. We are all God's children. Don't you think we should act that way?

L. Koger

Rocky Mount