Letter to the Editor: Promote unity over division


Sunday, September 22, 2019

In Rocky Mount, we are seeing race being used as a weapon more so than ever before. We have “leaders” using race to move their own agendas forward and “pit” black against white.

Some in our city are being told falsehoods to keep them scared and submissive to the current leadership on the council. Whoever said these were the ONLY people that would fight for our community? Rocky Mount has good leaders standing ready and waiting to move this city forward, together, with the help of ALL races and nationalities.

Saying things to make people believe they will be “isolated” if they do not vote back in the current “leadership” on the council is an egregious act in and of itself. The way I see it, that is exactly what some on the City Council are doing … isolating people by sowing fear in them and dividing our city in the process. I understand, from citizens, they are being told “It is us against them;” that social programs will change if certain ones are not voted back into office. This is sad and untrue, indeed. For anyone to play upon the fears of people for one’s own benefit is disheartening, to say the least.

We must grow and work together and we will not make that a reality until “leaders” stop using the race card for their own benefit. Look at Atlanta. Look at Raleigh. These are flourishing cities who have grown together. People of all races and nationalities, in those cities, working together for the good of their city.

People were told recently to “look at where a candidate gets their contributions.” I was told that another campaign’s supporters are saying “so-and-so is in bed with the whites.” Ridiculous! Just because their candidate is not getting the financial support expected, they want to make, even that, a race issue.

All citizens have a stake in this election. There are people who believe in certain candidates and wish to contribute. Just because they are not contributing to your candidate you want to say a candidates is “bought.” Stop with the antics, focus on the issues. Work together to move our city forward. Praying for our city.

Gwen Wilkins

Ward 3 City Council candidate

Rocky Mount