Letter to the Editor: Integrity should count in our system


Saturday, September 21, 2019

The culture of our system isn’t just politics. It’s also integrity.

Recently, I’ve read three times that immigrants: “taking away jobs from white people.” Lies, so prevalent; association with a known enemy … We don’t blink after three years of this. From accepting words of killer Putin, to the famous line “Mexico will pay.” We’ve become immune/expectant. Facts catch up quicker now. “Akbar the magnificent” e.g. “Ivan the terrible,” we have: “Trump the liar.” He’s never admitted or apologized. Always fires someone — to blame, reassign and become more isolated and egocentric. Never does homework contrary to good practice. We teach kids to learn, increase integrity. Obama had an USA birth certificate. Mexico didn’t pay- they refused from the start. Farmers realize tariffs cause produce rot. Increased spending has raised our debt higher by $3+ trillion — not lower. Guantanamo’s four prisoners costing us $383,000 a day.

Out west, we’re short workers by 285,000 people; east by 137,000, increasing $.09 per pound for fruit and produce. Needed immigrant labor since Americans won’t fill these jobs. The tax cut and tariff incurred costs on middle class don’t offset. Putin invaded Crimea and Ukraine. Trump sought Russian loans and tried to soften sanctions, put Russia back into power. Backstabbing our own CIA , FBI, Justice dept. DT’s swamp: 44 departures in three years, 14 indicted, seven sentencing reviews and said violence on his behalf, he’d pay for. DT’s father — not born in Germany. Republicans — the evangelicals — make DT “infamous,” following in fear, crisis and chaos. We’ve lost credible power and diplomatic skills. DT lies five to 12 times a day.

Bob Plesha

Elm City