Letter to the Editor: Leftist antics part of bigger plan


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

As an addendum to my Sept. 4 letter to the Telegram regarding the ultimate goal of the socialist left in controlling you and me through their “climate change” proposals, and primarily due to the fact that I had to leave out other aspects of their plan to regulate behavior because I didn’t have room to finish all of them and so I am doing my best to describe below the ones that seem to me to be the most obvious:

First of all, think of the myriad terms the left has created to dictate how you address certain social situations. These would include terms such as “toxic masculinity”, “cultural appropriation”, “white privilege”, “microaggressions”, “gender fluid”, ”cis-gendered”, “woke”, “undocumented immigrants”, “me too movement”, “Islamophobe”, ”homophobe”, “xenophobe”, “nativist”, “nationalist” (this one is a particular mystery to me as it implies that you are a bad person if you love your country), “reparations” and that classic from the evil queen of the left, “ basket of deplorables”, and many other idiotic and nonsensical terms that insinuate if you don’t quake and quiver upon hearing them and live according to the dictates regarding the fantasy world that these terms define, you are morally bankrupt and certainly a racist, a toxic male and a white supremacist.

The upshot of all this is that the left has, I believe, contrived to create more and more of their precious victims to saddle us with and in that way, they can guarantee they will garner many of the votes that these pitiful victims cast during any election and can utilize this voting strength to control all of you deplorables. It may seem unduly cynical of me to suggest that the left does all of this simply to garner votes, but some of this stuff is so inane that a person of conventional intellect would have to be temporarily unhinged to consider it to be a totally serious aspiration from these people about how society should be regulated. I do not.

Additionally, think about the way the left craves to control your income and any monies you have been able to accumulate through your personal efforts during your lifetime. They obviously cannot count on their little minions to provide the necessary financing for their socialist dreams such as climate control, free college, free medical care and many others, so you will be billed for all these through your taxes and other appropriations, and you will be told it is your duty to pay for these. It will be wonderful. By the way, the latest from a well known climate scientist is that if we eliminate 100 percent of our carbon emissions, the average ambient temperature will decrease only 7/100 of a degree by 2050. Well worth $32 trillion. Right?

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount