Letter to the Editor: Building more jails not the answer


Monday, September 16, 2019

Why more jail expansion? We use our tax dollars when we build more jails and prisons.

It would make for a better society if we build those institutions that prevent the incarceration for jails and prisons. Let’s incarcerate people in jobs and better built communities. Would it not be a better use of the tax dollars to build bridges to employment, better physical health, better mental health, better housing and family? Conditions whether good or bad influence a person mentally, socially, occupationally, economically, physically and emotionally. So why not go to the extreme of providing good to excellent conditions that may influence individuals to help escape the jails and prisons?

Will a jail or prison rehabilitate or change irrational cognitive thinking? Are there services provided with our tax dollars for physical health, mental health or substance users in the jails and prisons? No matter the perception, our tax dollars are being spent. Everyone deserves to be able to live in happier, healthier and safer communities. Jails and prisons do not and have not been the solution. Its only been a brandishing band aid.

We need more positive cognitive thinking and not more jail space.

Gloria Davis

Rocky Mount