Letter to the Editor: Refusal to expand Medicaid hurts North Carolina


Monday, September 16, 2019

Bad news and some good as well.

Recently in the Telegram we learned nationwide those without health insurance have increased and at home our N.C. legislature still refuses to allow 500,000 in N.C. get insurance from Medicaid when attached to the Affordable Care Act, nick-named, Obama Care and many have said that is why they oppose the health coverage.

If so, shame on them. And for the record, insuring the half million would boost our states economy by $12 billion a year. Yes, 12 with a “B,” not an “M.”

Reactionaries have dominated our legislature for years so yes, the really bad news is because of our legislature. It is totally beyond me why they still keep health insurance from a half million of our citizens. They call themselves conservative but in reality they are reactionaries so the shame is on them.

Now the good news. The majority in our legislature no longer hold a veto-proof majority. And even better, next year there will be another election and hopefully our citizens will win this one.

Kemp Philips

Rocky Mount