Letter to the editor: Calling out corruption is not hate


Thursday, September 12, 2019

It is absolutely amazing that people who claim to stand for “law and order” will come to the aid of this corrupt president no matter what.

Then-candidate Trump paid off an adult film star to keep her silence during his run for president. Also, this man conspired with a foreign hostile government to win the presidency. But I guess to you Trump supporters this doesn’t matter. His reward to the Russians was to loosen the sanctions on them for their assistance. This is why Trump’s first national security advisor is awaiting sentencing, not to count the Russians and other Trump personnel who were indicted.

But the hypocrisy is how you can overlook Trump’s corruption and bad mouth Clinton, when nothing was found after eight investigations on Benghazi. And at least she showed up for the hearings. Trump’s fear is that if his cabinet personnel testify, he will surely face impeachment or possible indictment. But Mueller stated that as soon as Trump leaves office, he faces indictment. So all the wishing and double talk will not wash this corrupt president’s actions clean.

Furthermore, a president is not supposed to profit from his office. So please explain to the American people how Trump is somehow different. Just imagine if President Obama had properties and was using these properties to line his pockets. Those clowns at Fox News would have been calling for his head. And you Trump supporters would be outside the White House with torches and pitchforks.

But it is clear that most of you thrive on Trump’s illegal immigration stances, and that’s what drives your ambition to support “Tyrant Trump.” Trump lies to you saying that the people seeking asylum are drug dealers, gang members and rapists. These people are trying to escape to live and deserve to at least have an asylum hearing. But Trump lies and tosses them into cages, and you people cheer.

And then get up, go to church and claim to be followers of Christ. I would love to see your faces if you meet with the Almighty, and I do mean if. Just remember the only people not immigrants in this country are the American Indians. And some of us were brought here against our will. There may be bad eggs in the asylum seekers, but that’s why they must be processed and weeded out. We all win when due process is established.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount