Letter to the Editor: City Council's work is documented


Sunday, August 18, 2019

The downtown hotel project is about race, location and personal agendas by those who do not want to see any positive growth on the Edgecombe side of Rocky Mount.

Will you provide one case that council members have had the need to recuse themselves from voting on something that was a direct financial involvement? I have not seen this happen and I have videoed many of their meetings over the years.

It is folk like you who create conflict, create tension and distrust when you say the very appearance of what you perceive to be a problem but do not give one fact when it comes to the council members’ real estate is legally bought or their business lawfully operated. Name one case that makes this a fact and not a perception. You say the city does not need any more negativity. It is not the city who is creating it, it is the haters.

What is the bad news coming from the public officials? Why are the employees leaving? The newspaper has been blamed because there have been some haters who have created a narrative for the newspaper to follow. The papers are reporting the news created by the haters.

You say Wilson is coming out on top because they have hired some of Rocky Mount’s employees. Well, those employees have and can be replaced.

Wow, you concluded, “Residents of Rocky Mount and the Twin Counties can only do so much to advance the metro area on their own in business and in civic organizations without continued negativity coming from public officials negating the benefits of their work and preventing others discovering what we already know to be true: that Rocky Mount is a great place to live with even more potential.”

What negativity? Which council members have negated their work? Which council members have prevented others from discovering what you know to be true? What is the truth?

I do agree that Rocky Mount is a great place to live with even more potential. This council has shown what potential is and that is the progress they have made on the Edgecombe County side.

Curmilus Dancy II