Letter to the Editor: Left-wing Dems endanger freedom


Saturday, August 17, 2019

The intense hatred of the president by the left has become so virulent that one wonders that these people can maintain any sense of normalcy in their everyday lives.

They seize on everything he says or does in some warped endeavor to disparage and/or trivialize any achievements while attempting to falsely accuse him of “collusion” or “racism” or some similar fallacy. It has become the hallmark of his administration that he receives unjust and abhorrent criticism constantly from these haters without even the slightest regard to justification or validity.

He can’t even express his condolences to the victims of mass shootings without his words being parsed in an attempt to twist them into some sort of negativity. It is a nauseating and disgusting display of the very worst of politics and these folks should be ashamed.

There is very little chance of that, however, as they not only passionately hate him, they also know that he is the biggest roadblock in their dream of a socialist society where everyone gets all this free stuff without putting forth even a minimal effort, and no regard is given to how these miraculous gifts are to be financed. They propose free medical care, free college, a guaranteed income whether you want to work or not, free day care, an exorbitantly high minimum wage, reparations (paid to Lord knows who) and other preposterous entitlements which would quickly turn this great country into a prime historical example of hopeless ruination and national bankruptcy.

The freshmen congresspersons who compose the “squad” are simply screeching little radicals who care not one whit about this country now but simply want to acquire as much power as possible in order to control you and your life while turning this land into the socialist utopia they crave for their minions, and conservatives will not be welcomed into this utopia unless they are willing to bow and scrape and pay homage to those godless autocrats in control.

A lot of these folks seeking this kind of world don’t even understand that real socialism means giving up control of everything to the government, and that individual freedoms are cast aside like yesterday’s garbage. For those who do not want that type of world, you better give some real thought as to what you are seeking.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount