Letter to the Editor: Change, diversity not at odds


Friday, August 16, 2019

Thank you, Butch, for your views on my personal opinion. You could have written your own without trying to destroy or distort mine. Democracy and civil liberties dictate that one can express views with dignity and respect without malice.

Every person who lives in Rocky Mount contributes to the economic scope of Rocky Mount. If I am a renter, I contribute to revenue collection and distribution by the manner in which I purchase and invest my money. If I am a taxpayer, my property tax as well as my residual income contributes significantly to the economic health of Rocky Mount. If I work here and live elsewhere my civic desire should long for balance, and no room for any actions that would not pass any audit or inspection.

What has your membership in the NAACP got to do with the need for change and diversity in city government? Does race have anything to do with why for two years in a row we failed to pass accreditation?

Diversity is God’s idea and anyone who has a problem with that should consult God. You allude to having worked in Rocky Mount for 32 years; I have lived here just that length of time. Improvements are not automatically color-coded but what I find is that some people want to make everything just that. You remind me of J.D. Vance’s position in his book where he states that some people only look at what they like about a situation and totally discount what is wrong with the same situation.

Can you imagine a line item in the hotel/garage mixed-use project’s proposed budget allocating $2.5 million for excavation of a flat service and hauling dirt? I can’t. But I can imagine spending $3.5 million increasing salaries across the board for every city employee.

The only people who fight against diversity are those who can’t see the strength in rotation of power and limitation of terms over control of city government. City Council members don’t get a blue ribbon for fighting for expansion on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount; it is their duty to do so and a dereliction of duty if they don’t, Mr. Dancy.

Mary Ward

Rocky Mount