Letter to the Editor: Dems turn further left on immigration


Monday, August 12, 2019

Wait a minute, hold on, what is happening? Did I just see that the numbers of illegals crossing into the united States has gone down by more than 56,000 in a little over a month?

I wonder if it has anything to do with President Trump’s insistence that Mexico do a much better job of policing its own borders in order to prevent thousands of Central Americans from simply crossing that country in order to come here by whatever means they deem necessary, including illegal entry or simply disappearing into this country and never showing up for a hearing after making a request for asylum?

I know, however, that this statistic is bound to sorely disappoint the leftist faithful who were hoping that the $135 billion we pay in federal, state and local taxes to support the illegals who are already here would continue to increase annually, and then hope that when their candidate is elected as president, we can begin to provide free medical care for them at an exponentially increasing annual rate. You may ask why I make such a statement. It is simply because these folks have continuously resisted any effort on the part of the current administration to resolve the real crisis at our southern border, and so the only logical conclusion to draw from that is they do not want it resolved. They apparently do not care about the money as this is a socialist mob and therefore the rich folks and corporations will have to pay the freight.

They recoil in horror if anyone mentions a wall, and they constantly accuse the border officials of locking the poor little immigrant children in cages when that is simply a false narrative. They refused for months to even acknowledge there was a crisis until the evidence became so overwhelming that even these little minions were forced to admit the truth. But they have never really been actually interested in the truth as their carefully crafted disingenuous technique is purely and simply intended to cast aspersions on the president and develop whatever voting strength they can from Latino citizens as a result of their stance. It is a disgusting way to conduct politics but it is one that I have seen increasingly emulated in so many ways by the left for years, and certainly since President Trump has been in office.

Now these mentally disturbed liberals are actually discussing the dissolution of ICE and the decriminalization of breaking into the country and have hinted at an open borders policy. I guess that when you hate a country as badly as these people hate America, you will stop at nothing in your efforts to ruin it.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount