Letter to the Editor: Stop those who would bring U.S. down


Monday, July 22, 2019

Why would an American rip down Old Glory and fly the flag of Mexico proudly? The video shows the protestors cheering with consent.

Why would a representative in the United States House lie to disparage the Border Patrol and our great nation?

Why would a black House representative tell black people they have to think like her?

Why would a member of the congressional House not condemn Al-Qaeda?

Why would a House representative refuse to recognize our duly elected president as such, instead refers to him as “occupant of the White House,” because he does not live up to her standard?

Why would any candidate for president of this great nation want to place the burden of furnishing health care for everyone who comes across our borders on the shoulders of their fellow Americans?

Why would a candidate for president want to allow anyone from anywhere into our prosperous country and take jobs away from our citizens and make our wages go down?

Why have none of our candidates for president of the United States, except President Trump, condemned Antifa thugs? These thugs are cowards, hiding their identity with black head coverings while attacking unprepared people. They went to a detention center and tried to blow up the place, one of them caring an AR-15. But he met his match and was left in a body bag.

Now his fellow thugs recognize him as a martyr.

Why do most presidential candidates push socialism knowing those policies brought down Venezuela?

Why would a presidential candidate want to take away our firearms knowing criminals will have them?

Why do many in Washington want to acquire more and more power over the people?

Why did people in high positions of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, the media and a presidential candidate in the 2016 election try to pull off a coup against another candidate/elected president?

There is no place on the face of the earth like America. People from everywhere want to come here because of what our founding fathers set up in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They put We The People in charge, not government, not thugs. They recognized all are created equal and our freedoms come from God, not government.

We cannot be naive, there are American citizens who are power hungry and want to bring America down. We must stop them.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope