Letter to the Editor: Trump making nothing 'great'


Sunday, July 21, 2019

If what is going on in this country today is an example of making America great again then we are all up a creek without a paddle.

This country is going downhill faster than a roller coaster and there is nothing great about it. Donald J. Trump, this country’s poor excuse for a president, is self-centered, immoral by any standard and a racist. He has misrepresented the truth over 10 thousand times, focuses on the good and welfare of the country like a mafia boss focuses on his crime family and jerks congressional Republicans around like puppets on a string. These legislators have abandon their pledge to protect and defend the country’s democratic principles and are content to let Trump dangle them with his whims. It appears the thrill of being able to appoint extreme conservative and racist judges is well worth playing the puppet roll. Self-worth nor self-respect have a place in their orbit. This is what happens when you get drunk on power and gorge on greed. I doubt if any of these actions will make America great again.

Donald J. Trump has no respect for the Office of the President and his evangelical supporters have no respect for the principles they claim to live by. Trump has conned his die-hard supporters into believing he is their “great white hope” who will perform ethnic cleansing of people of color. They patiently wait for that new day that will never come. Then there are those who are drawn to Trump for support of their own warped agenda. While Trump insults our allies, cozies up to dictators and acts like a schoolyard bully, congressional Republicans hide under the sheets. None of this will make anything great again.

Donald J. Trump supports the predominately all-male Republican legislators across this country who have decided they are the fathers who know best when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. Their demand for forced births exemplifies a slave ownership mentality. While there is daily talk about how strong the economy is becoming, this country is being stripped of moral values, racism is raging, environmental regulations are being rolled back at record speed, guns are as plentiful as water and mass shootings are occurring with alarming frequency.

Is this any way to make America great again? You bet it’s not.

Gardenia B. Hobbs

Rocky Mount