Letter to the Editor: Nash residents support smart investments


Saturday, July 20, 2019

I have read comments from city leaders and others suggesting that Nash County residents do not support economic development in downtown Rocky Mount.

This is not entirely accurate. Nash County residents support economic development if it comes from private investment. Most, if not all, of the development in the Nash County part of Rocky Mount has come from private investment over the past few decades. Not from government, taxpayers or grant money, etc.

It’s understandable that local residents are concerned about their tax dollars being used for parking garages, etc., when there are improvements needed for roads around the city. It would also be nice to have landscaping to beautify the city that at least looked as nice as Wilson. City leaders and consultants need to do more than provide residents with economic fairness arguments and projections about jobs created. They need to show residents that downtown projects over the past few years are helping the economy and increasing visitors — which in turn will fuel demand for hotels, parking garages and retail development.

Jason Winters

Rocky Mount