Letter to the Editor: Trump supporters should change the channel


Friday, July 19, 2019

I see some of you still have your heads buried in the sand. The reason you don't realize what's going on in the world is that you are being lied to deliberately by Fox Propaganda TV. Plus, I'm only allotted 400 words to describe the ills of this so called presidency.

Some of you listen to the conspiracy theories of hate peddlers like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram and Ann Coulter, then take it for gospel. Plus did you not find it strange that Sean Hannity would attend a Trump rally and speak on behalf of Trump? News reporters are supposed to be unbiased, which verifies my point that Fox Propaganda TV is nothing more than state TV for Trump. There are a couple of reporters that try to be unbiased, but I'm sure you turn the channel when they appear.

What happened to draining the swamp? This corrupt administration has placed more corrupt people in the cabinet than any known presidency to date. Not to say anything about all the indictments that have been issued. Why impeach this illegitimate president when he will be exonerated by the Republican Senate? This would be nothing more than a waste of taxpayer monies. Impeachment is the right thing to do, but if the Senate continues to protect this corrupt president, it is a waste of time. The American people must decide if they want to protect the country or Trump's immoral party.

Trump himself said in the "Mueller Report," I'm done, this is the end of my presidency, when he found out that a special prosecutor had been appointed to investigate the Trump campaign. This is why Trump obstructed the investigation at every turn.

Barr is supposed to work for the American people, he is not Trump's personal lawyer. But he has done everything in his power to discredit the Mueller Report. He even briefed Trump on Mueller's findings, so that they could come up with some way of saying that Trump had been vindicated, and there was no collusion. Another reason why Barr held onto the report for weeks. This is why if you want the truth, turn your TV channel.

People either don't want the truth or have become immune or brainwashed to so much false information. Common sense should be a factor in there somewhere though. How Trump can look his followers in the face and lie to them, and they believe this garbage is beyond me. If you let Trump tell it, it's not "Build the Wall," it's "Finish the Wall." And nothing is further from the truth. He claims the Obama Administration begged Kim Jong-un for a meeting. I wish I could say what Susan Rice said, but this is a family newspaper. But you people keep believing in unicorns, and seek divine help.

Dallas Ford

Rocky Mount