Letter to the Editor: Trump has problems


Monday, July 15, 2019

I can’t really consider Donald Trump president after all the revelations that have been revealed. His followers and supporters have to justify in their mind someway of supporting this corrupt president and administration.

One thing though, Trump is fighting for his political life. He knows if he loses this election, he and members of his family will be indicted. That’s not speculation, that’s fact. This man knows he is guilty, and he tries to undermine any organization that is investigating him. Mueller has been a straight shooter, and now after complementing him, Trump wants to call him a “Trump Hater” for testifying to the American people.

Those Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate know that they are on the wrong side of this issue of Trump being corrupt. But they have to support this crook because two Superior Court Justices have been confirmed, even though the Executive Branch may not be legitimate. Plus lots more Federal Judges have been confirmed under Trump. Imagine the backlash when it is finally explained why Trump has such a lovefest with hostile dictators.

Trump has been praised and saluted by “Right Wing” hate groups, and their spike in crime and rhetoric of hate has increased. 73 percent of domestic terrorist fatalities in the US are linked to “Right Wing” hate groups. Though they are stanch supporters on Trump’s immigration stance, sadness is his evangelical support. These groups should be outraged at Trump’s treatment of children and adults seeking asylum.

The Word states, “When you did it to the least of my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” Trump claimed that he would abolish “Chain Migration”, but his wife’s family went to the head of the line, no questions asked. But Trump has no problem with illegal immigrants from the North. I guess if you are poor and brown, you must turn around. No pun intended. It’s hard to justify Trump as not being racist, when he hired the likes of Steve Miller and Steve Bannon. And even after their exoneration, Trump continues to say that the Brooklyn Five are guilty.

But in closing, God don’t like ugly. It seems that some people no longer support that there is a supreme being watching over us. God cannot be happy at the way his people are being treated. You can’t do what Trump is doing to children, and still have favor in God’s eye. Immigrants have been coming across the border for years. But the harsh treatment lies solely with the Trump Administration. Though they must be processed, you can’t take a person’s dignity to honor propaganda TV and anti-immigrant personnel. The American Indian opened their outstretched arms, and the rest is history.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount