Letter to the Editor: Trump delivers on the economy


Sunday, July 14, 2019

NBC News reported: “The economy gained a whopping 224,000 jobs in the month of June, beating expectations of 150,000 and continuing a generally robust hiring pace that has brought Americans off the sidelines and into the workforce at the highest rate since 1969.” Six million plus jobs have been created since January of 2017.

We can thank deregulation for this increase. We need to point out that deregulations are more important for small businesses than larger businesses, and smaller businesses tend to be family-owned.

The fat cats can afford the lawyers to get around the regulations and accountants to handle the paperwork while the little guys cannot. Plus the large corporations can afford to grease the pockets of career politicians to get what they want passed to promote their interest. Family businesses don’t have the deep pockets needed to be involved in political/business corruption. Small businesses cannot afford the man-hours required to handle the paperwork that bureaucrats demand.

When regulatory costs are reduced, consumer households benefit. Moms and dads out doing the shopping or sending the kids to camp for a week or even when buying a new car are going to notice the cost reductions and it’s going to make things easier, especially for the working-class and middle-class families that responded so favorably to Donald Trump’s campaign.

All the news is not good but you would probably not get this news from NBC.

Five officers were having a cup of coffee in Starbucks before going on their shift. Someone complained they were within their sight and so management ask the officers to move out of the sight of the “cupcakes” or leave. This is not a joke.

Antifa attacked journalist Andy Ngo at a protest in Portland on Saturday, July 6th. Ngo shared a video of police asking him questions about the attack and checking his body for wounds. According to Ngo, Antifa protestors hit him in the back of the head multiple times, threw a milkshake at him and stole his GoPro camera.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is increasingly brazen in misleading the American public on immigration issues. She thinks nothing of spewing out misinformation. However claiming the illegal aliens were told to drink out of a toilet just proved how ignorant she really is.

Miss Cortez needs to be reminded that the illegal aliens can leave the detention center and go home anytime they feel the conditions are not adequate.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope