Letter to the Editor: President's support remains strong


Monday, July 8, 2019

I guess the obvious question generated by Dallas Ford’s letter in the Telegram on July 3 is what world is he living in?

He routinely makes statements accusing President Trump of all sorts of imagined transgressions without the least bit of substance to justify them in even the most minimal way. He casually states that Trump has accomplished nothing during his presidency when the exact opposite is true. I guess he intentionally ignores the fact we now have the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans and Latinos in history, and the lowest for women in many decades, and the best sustained economic growth in generations. And no, none of that is attributable to Obama, who actually was quite effective in repressing businesses with his regulatory decrees and fees and who never had a GDP anywhere near those of Mr. Trump. The stock market has gained trillions in value and we have the fastest growing economy in the world, but I guess all that is of no consequence if you are utilizing deceptive hyperbole to try and disparage the president.

In addition, to accuse Trump of not being for law and order is ludicrous. Mr. Ford must surely consider that illegally entering our country is not a violation of law and that deaths, rapes and robberies perpetrated by illegal aliens are simply an inherent consequence of the left’s “open borders” policy. However, the president has been trying to uphold our border laws since his first day in office and his efforts have been constantly thwarted by the liberals in congress who dearly want to add to their stock of voting automatons by allowing immediate entry to anyone and everyone who can get here, and then give them medical care and other perks at taxpayer expense. Now that is real lawlessness and obstruction.

Further, Mr. Ford talks about Trump eschewing the Constitution when it is actually the left that wants to eliminate the electoral college so New York and California can determine all of our future presidents. They would also alter the size of the Supreme Court to suit their ultimate goal of a ultra-liberal court. He contends that Trump is not a true conservative even though he has proved to be the best hope for avoiding the socialistic government the left craves. I guess he is anti-government if it was to be a socialist regime.

Oh and by the way, his conservative and Republican support is stronger than ever.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount