Letter to the Editor: Time to end political polarization


Sunday, July 7, 2019

We must do everything we can to halt our polarized politics.

Thankfully, Colin Campbell gave us some of his ideas on this matter in his recent column. First, dump social media and start talking face to face to people even if they don’t hold your political views. Spend time with a family member, friend or acquaintance from the “other side of the aisle.” Don’t debate an emotional topic where you know there will be no winner. Listen and seek common ground, talk about your families and hobbies, etc., and you may be amazed at how much alike we all are.

Shift your focus from Washington to Raleigh and City Hall where you can make a huge difference. Seek media outlets that concentrate more on news than attempting to be a propaganda machine.

We must attempt to make these changes. In a democratic society, only compromise can provide for the needs of all of us known as We The People.

Stop and think a moment of the compromises made by our Founding Fathers that produced this great nation rather than tearing us apart. Build bridges; we need each other.

Kemp Philips

Rocky Mount