Letter to the Editor: Action against Faulcon overdue


Friday, July 5, 2019

It now appears that Dr. Landis Faulcon may be on her way out as the non-resident head of the Community and Business Development Authority of the City of Rocky Mount as she has been suspended with pay.

This woman has attempted to convince folks that she actually lives in the city while reportedly residing in Virginia Beach and also spending a great deal of time in Halifax County, all in violation of city regulations. She has apparently rented a house in the city but the lights are seldom on, according to an observer, and so one wonders what her monthly utility bills might actually amount to. In addition, it seems that all of her department’s employees have resigned, with one suing the city successfully, and the permitting process for downtown businesses has declined precipitously. She has also reportedly failed to do other things of an important nature, creating other adverse consequences for the city.

Of course, her residency and the other issues are such old news that it causes me to marvel that anything is being done about this ludicrous situation at all. This woman has been revealed as a non-resident for many months now and her failures have been chronicled; yet remarkably, the people who have oversight authority over her were either insufficiently concerned about her inability to do her job or lacked the requisite strength of character to challenge her on these issues. It seems to me that the primary responsibility for this would fall upon the city manager, her good friend, who was responsible for hiring her in the first place, yet it seems that these matters were not sufficiently problematic to Ms. Small-Toney to warrant any prior action on her part. I guess that friendship sometimes trumps serious violations of the public trust.

At any rate, Faulcon has now apparently been removed from her duties, but not, it seems, from her exorbitant salary. I have to assume that she has a doctorate in some discipline and I believe that it must be in overt audacity as she has been receiving her salary of $10,000 a month while reportedly living for the past 16 months at least a great deal of the time in another state and county and while apparently having difficulty complying with her employment responsibilities. You have to admit, that takes an awful lot of audacity.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount