Letter to the Editor: Con man clings to his base


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Republicans spoke truth in saying that candidate Trump was a race-baiting, xenophobic bigot and a con man. If this was their feelings all along, why the sudden change? I’ll explain: After Trump’s election to the presidency, 87 percent of Republicans threw their support toward Trump. There are Republicans who considered Trump an embarrassment and left the party. But with 87 percent of Republican voters supporting Trump, Republicans who are worried about their political future, started to support this con man as well.

If you wonder why the so-called law-and-order Republicans are letting Trump and his family fleece America, now you know. Trump’s son-in-law, Jerod Kushner, just received $90 million from a foreign donor. And Trump, who never surrendered his business interest to a blind trust, still makes money at taxpayers’ expense. Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago alone are estimated to cost taxpayers more than $64 million. Now mind you, Fox State Television and Trump constantly bombarded President Obama for playing golf even on vacation. At least Obama was entertaining dignitaries, or House and Senate heads. This president plays whenever he feels like it.

A percentage of this population are still out to lunch or have never come in from the rain. At one time true Americans would cringe at the thought of an American president cuddling up to a foreign dictator. Now when Trump say that he is in love with a ruthless dictator, he is cheered, and applauded by the uniformed and naive.

Don’t give me a bunch of flack that at least Trump is talking to Kim. No, he is being used by Kim. Trump’s visits to Kim are nothing more than propaganda for North Korean state television, much like Fox State Television is to Trump. I can hardly classify Fox as a news organization. With their bombardment of false information to its viewers, there is no wonder that the naive think that Trump is merely being picked on by the news media. Fox viewers who only watch or listen to conservative news are not aware that Trump was not exonerated by Mueller because Fox is reporting the opposite.

Trump has instilled in some people’s minds that immigrants are the reason for their misgivings, as the Trumps continue to line their pockets with pay to play politics. But God forbid if one person who needs government assistance is accused of filing a false claim. It would probably be the lead story on State Television. But nonetheless, Trump should be worried as his approval rating among Republicans has slipped to 79 percent.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount