Letter to the Editor: Vote for a Christian nation


Friday, June 21, 2019

Was President Obama right when he declared this nation no longer just a Christian nation?

The United States of America was founded by Christian statesmen under a Constitution guaranteeing God-given freedoms never before granted by any government to any people. Unlike Islamic law, no punishment for social deviation from Bible norms is included. Thomas Jefferson said this Constitution was suitable only for Christians. They have the guidelines for healthy living in the Bible and the self-discipline to follow them.

The Bible has much to say about practices that lead to a long and fruitful life. Unhealthy and unholy practices are forbidden because they have bad consequences, both personal and national. For example, incest is forbidden, as is the sacrificing of infants to foreign gods.

It is easy to see the bad national consequences of such practices. Sixty million American babies never became citizens due to legalized abortion. In their place are hordes of illegal immigrants.

Homosexual practices are called an abomination because they pervert the purpose of sexual union — that is, to produce children. Children are the fruit, a godly gift intended for legal marriage. It is easy to see that children benefit from being reared by a father and a mother together in a family. The national consequences of the opposite are obvious.

AIDS from homosexual practices have killed thousands, maybe millions of guilty and innocent people in Africa, and now all over the world. Islamic law punishes sexual deviation by death.

The history of Israel and the Middle East records that God “vomited out of the land“ the nations that indulged in harmful sexual practices and sacrificed their infants to Molech. The nation of Israel was intended to be a model of Godly living. Unfortunately, sin crept in so God dispersed the Jews all over the world. Then God sent Jesus to pay the sin price for us all so we can choose to live the good life with the power to live it.

Is ex-President Obama right? Our actions and votes will determine the survival of this historic experiment in government made by our Founding Fathers. Let us choose life.

Janice Gravely

Rocky Mount