Letter to the Editor: Dems irrational in their hatred of Trump


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Some of the more demented Democrats have announced that they are going to have a conference to highlight the fact that President Trump is mentally ill and that a woman named Dr. Bandy Lee, a psychiatrist from the Yale School of Medicine will lead this event.

Dr. Lee has written a book entitled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” and one can well imagine her touting her book in order to increase what must have been abysmal sales. I have always suspected that many psychiatrists have gone into this field because of their own mental peculiarities and this would seem to be further confirmation of that. One might also consider that this woman is employed at a bastion of liberalism and I’m pretty sure she had already developed the compulsory aversion for the president well prior to her book.

This is simply another spurious attempt to disparage the president in any way these desperate souls on the left can conjure up and will undoubtedly fail just as all the others have. The American Psychiatric Association has already chastised this woman and advised all psychiatrists to stop providing opinions in the media about people they have never examined.

The left cannot understand why this man has been able to do the things he has accomplished because he is not like them, as he is not a smarmy weasel of a professional politician out to curry voters and profit handsomely from his position like Maxine and Nancy have. He does not do things in a manner they are able to comprehend because they haven’t had a president from their ranks for a long time who had the gumption to do what he does, such as confronting Iran, China, Mexico and North Korea, and most certainly not their last one.

They can’t quite grasp his refusal to kowtow to the myriad victims the left has created over the years in order to increase their voter stock, and their confusion is enhanced by his willingness to speak frankly to and about them despite their manufactured victim status. He has said that this country will never be a socialist country and that terrifies the left, and he has identified their primary allies in the fake mainstream media where journalism is essentially nonexistent.

Since he doesn’t act like them and they don’t have the ability to understand him, he must be stark raving mad. If that is so, I am truly thankful for his magnificent madness.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount