Letter to the Editor: Will Americans be fooled twice?


Saturday, June 15, 2019

As predicted, Trump's "House of Cards" is beginning to tumble. Mr. I'm-so-rich is apparently not as rich as he would have one think — probably the main reason he would not relinquish his business interest and run the country.

Trump is using his status as president to milk countries for all the illegal enrichment he can. If you wonder how Trump could still remain above water, when he has lost 1 billion-plus dollars, it's rather simple. It was not his money. He used borrowed money, and when his venture failed, he filed bankruptcy. So contractors, banks and other entities lost dealing with this con man.

But that's not the worst. Now guess who spun this incredible loss of revenue into a positive for their faithful but naive listeners? Trump's state television and mouth piece, that's who. "Fox and Friends" commentators had the unmitigated gall to say that Trump is just so rich that losing one billion dollars did not faze him, or words to that effect. Now after hearing that, you have to be missing several screws to agree with such blatant ignorance.

People have somehow forgotten that the deficit is skyrocketing out of control. When Trump took office, the national debt was leveling off. One must remember that President Obama inherited the worst economy of any recent president. So in order to get the country back on track, stimulus packets to jump-start the economy was a must, and he was still criticized. But Trump has added the second-highest debt of any recent president, and this was done during a good economy. Yet you hear crickets.

So Americans had better not get too complacent about the state of a euphoric economy. With Trump's failing "Tax Plan" increasing the national debt at a record level, the other shoe is bound to drop soon. And where are the "so called" conservatives? I guess it's alright that it's a Republican president who is creating all this chaos. Cuts will have to be made in order to sustain such an out of control debt. The Trump administration added $779 billion to the national debt last year alone. Two trillion is the estimate for this year.

Trump is not this astute businessman that you supporters of Trump think he is. For God's sake quit screaming "Fake News" and do your own research. It's not that hard. 

Dallas Ford

Rocky Mount