Letter to the Editor: Why oppose a border wall?


Monday, June 10, 2019

I am sincerely requesting anyone, but most especially a person who might identify as a liberal, to give me some sort of reasonable explanation as to why they oppose the building of a wall on our Southern border in order to allow better control of our sovereignty as a nation and to aid in averting the crisis which is obviously an ongoing phenomenon there.

While I realize and acknowledge that a wall will not stop all illegal entry into the United States at our Southern border or put an end to the drug trafficking which takes place there, any rational person would surely have to admit that a wall could be of great assistance with these problems.

Other nations such as Israel and Hungary have utilized this method with tremendous success and yet there seems to be a persistent and determined resistance from the Democrats for any variation of a barrier which might well aid in alleviating this ongoing predicament in which we find ourselves. It is not accurate to say that this solution is unduly expensive as we spend more on the education, medical treatment, welfare and other benefits for those “undocumented immigrants” who have already come here illegally.

Please don’t tell me that “that is not who we are” as I don’t believe we are so irrational as a nation that we would do harm to ourselves in order to allow unchecked illegal immigration to prove that we are a generous depository for the “huddled masses” who reside in Central America or anywhere else.

We cannot provide a good life for every poverty-stricken person from Central or South America who manages to travel here and insert themselves into our country by the most expedient illegal means. That is simply not logically or practically possible and would absolutely be a detriment to our own citizens.

So what is the continuing rationale for the utter resistance of the left to the idea of a physical barrier on our Southern border? If it is simply to deny President Trump a political victory? Then that is a petty and unacceptable reason to put this country at risk. If it is to develop a larger future voting base, then that is also a selfish and petty reason for this dangerous obstruction.

So what is the explanation? Please help me with this.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount