Letter to the Editor: Decency must be restored to presidency


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

This government under the Trump Administration has become as corrupt as any authoritarian regime.

People who claim to be patriotic now have their heads buried in the sand. During the Clinton impeachment, the Republicans preached lying, conduct unbecoming of a president, and intent to obstruct justice. Lindsay Graham even went as far to say that a president doesn't have to commit a crime in order to be impeached. I guess since Trump has literally taken over the Republican Party, those rules no longer apply.

It is law that Congress can request the un-redacted "Mueller Report" and request the president's filed taxes. This president's actions towards a hostile government warrants it. I cannot believe that people can support such a corrupt administration. From the president on down are compulsive liars. This president lied on the campaign trail, and he never stopped. When called on his lies, he accused the mainstream news as being fake. His supporters who could have fact checked this man just took his word for whatever he said.

The reason Trump should have turned over his prior year taxes is simply to see if he can be compromised. If Trump has business dealings with foreign governments, it is unfair that he would create policy to benefit those governments, as well as his business interests. It's against the law for any American to conduct "insider trading" when dealing with the stock market. So how is it OK for a president to create policy to promote his business interest? No one should promote illegal activities, so show your taxes and put speculations to rest.

Trump said himself to release the Mueller report to the American taxpayers. Then it was learned that Barr had lied. Trump then knew the gig was up and did the quickest about face in history. This is a man who claimed that he has been exonerated. An innocent man would want the report produced. The Clinton report was produced in 24 hours. Barr held onto the Mueller report for three weeks and he and the Trump Administration concocted some outlandish story to portray to the American people.

But it's your basic right; that true Americans fought and died for, to support this corrupt administration. But I pray that the American faithful, who truly believe in law and order, bi-partisan government, the office of the president and common sense policy and procedures, come out in force and restore common decency to the highest office in this land.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount