Letter to the Editor: Our character is our destiny


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This paper, like most others, receives many letters expressing opinions on our president. That is not surprising; all presidents garner great attention. However, this one, more than any in my memory, seems to crave constant attention as though it were his oxygen.

Let me be up front in saying President Trump's policies have made me money, at least in the short term. The stock market has gone up and because I am relatively well off, my taxes have gone down. I fear however, that these gains will be short lived. Spiking the economy with a large tax cut when it is already booming is like giving a toddler extra sugar. It may lead to short burst of energy but then inevitably comes the crash. Now is the time we should be reducing our debt, not dramatically expanding it. I believe we will pay dearly for this in the future.

My main objection to President Trump, however, is not his policies; it is his character. He brags of groping and molesting women, of walking in on young girls while they are changing during his beauty pageants. He thinks it is sport to declare bankruptcy and stiff his vendors and contractors. He is a serial adulterer and known among other wealthy businessmen as excessively stingy to charities. He is mean spirited and a bully. He insults people on a regular basis, the most egregious being the one he gave to his own supporters when he bragged that he could shoot someone at high noon on Fifth Avenue in New York City and not lose any votes. Finally, he constantly lies (over 10,000 documented so far during his presidency) with no apparent conscience. I believe if you picked ten people off the street at random, nine would be morally superior to him. What a sad thing to say about the president of the United States.

As a Vietnam veteran, I am particularly offended that he dodged service in that war by getting a doctor on the family payroll to say he had a sore foot, an ailment that never seemed to bother him afterwards. That was the kind of trick rich folks could pull while working class boys went off to fight and die by the thousands.

The ancient Greeks believed that in the long run our character is our destiny. Do we want America's destiny tied to Donald Trump's character? That is the key question for all of us in the coming election.

T.D. Adams

Rocky Mount