Letter to the Editor: Columnist spreads hate, too


Friday, May 17, 2019

Eugene Robinson, the Washington Post reporter and bastion of light and truth (his particularly biased light and truth), stated in an article in the Telegram on Sunday that even though Trump was denounced by the last two synagogue shooters as being too favorable to the Jews, his actions and messages are such that he has to accept some blame for these terrible tragedies.

This statement is not only utterly ludicrous but clear evidence of the unbridled hatred the left has for this president as it continually accuses him of fomenting division. It is emblematic of the fact that the left uses any situation or event to criticize the president in the most dishonest and unethical ways it can conceive. These criticisms are primarily manufactured out of thin air sort of like the claims of miraculous cures by the snake-oil salesmen of old which are devoid of truth and are concocted solely for the purpose of selling their product, in this case that being the defeat of Trump in 2020, if not his impeachment prior to that.

True to his liberal calling, Robinson goes on to accuse the president of fueling the hate that is so rampant in the country these days, never faulting in any way his cohorts or the left-wing politicians whose daily diatribes against the president are so hate-filled that they defy any rational standard of scrutiny. These diatribes are mostly half-truths which have been manipulated to appear to be sober reflections on the described event. Take for instance the president’s statement during the Charlottesville situation that there are good people on both sides. He simply meant that there were some good people who wanted to protect the Civil War statues and some good people who wanted to remove them. He did not mean that he supported the KKK or white supremacists, but that statement has been deliberately mischaracterized by the left far beyond any semblance of its real meaning.

One old saw that the ultra-liberal politicians and media folks would do well to remember is “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks”. Likewise, those who hate excessively shouldn’t loudly attempt to psychologically project that hate onto another. They may find that this unseemly behavior could forestall their dreams.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount