Letter to the Editor: Trump turning U.S. into 'Banana Republic'


Thursday, May 16, 2019

As it stands now, this country is slowly but surely becoming a "Banana Republic." With this administration, no one has an inkling of what truth is anymore. God has truly left the building.

The way the Trump Administration lies, there is no way they fear God. According to scripture, "A liar shall not tarry in his sight." If someone from the Trump administration tell you that it's raining, please look down to ensure this person is not peeing on your boot. Trump supporters have called him despicable, but say they will still vote for him. This is shear madness.

I still believe that there are enough voters who have "voters remorse" to remove this cancer which has stained and rotted this country's morality and integrity. You can't follow the teachings of Christ in supporting this adulterous, philandering, sexual harassing and egotistical president. All the things Fox News and Republicans accused President Obama of is now being played out by this president. But the gutless wonders in the Senate sit back and sanction it, but the "do nothing" Republican Congress is no longer in power.

Trump claims to hire nothing but the best people, and yet he has the worst personnel turnover rate than any president in history. He hires his son-in-law, who was himself headed to bankruptcy, as his Middle East ambassador. Mind you, he has no foreign policy experience, but somehow in this administration it doesn't matter. Due to potential compromise, Kushner could not obtain a top secret security clearance without Trump's help.

Dallas Ford

Rocky Mount