Letter to the Editor: This president has no shame


Monday, April 22, 2019

Donald Trump is once again up to his old tricks. But playing both sides of the field may backfire on this president.

Trump had the nerve to tell the Republican Jewish Coalition that the newly elected Congress freshman is anti-semitic. Rep. Omar apologized for the mistake she made. That's lot more than Trump did. People of the Jewish faith should not be fooled by a wolf in sheep's clothing. When the white supremacists marched in Charlottesville shouting, "Jews will not replace us," Trump did not denounce their actions. Trump stated that there were good and bad people on both sides.

White supremacists are notorious for hating Jews and minorities. So Trump, you can't have it both ways. You can't support Jewish Republicans and white supremacists. But this goes to show you, to get a vote, this president would enter the bowels of hell. But I pray that the naïve come to their senses and see this president for what he really is, a con man, a racist, and a crook. With this administration, America is no longer the blueprint for democracy. America once deplored dictators, now it relishes and welcomes them.

We were once told that the devil wouldn't be recognized by pointed ears, horns and red skin. He will be dressed in a business suit, and he can be distinguished only by the righteous. I believe this day has come. This president is the second coming of Bull Connor. Just checking history tells you that the devil has walked this earth before.

America can never be great when there are policies and procedures that divide this country, as the Trump administration is doing. We have never seen a president that picks fights with what should be conceived as insignificant people. What previous American president has bragged about falling in love with a dictator? One who tortures, and kills his people, the way Kim Jong-un does. Trump loves leaders whose people have no civil rights. Trump would love authoritarian rule in the United States.

In closing, if we as a people continue with widespread apathy to what's going on in this country, it will get worse. No, I am not paranoid, but being a realist. No man is above the law was a phrase that once meant something. With politicians who should know better, sheltering this president, and allowed blatant corruption to go unchallenged, you are the problem. We can only pray that things get better, next year will determine that.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount