Letter to the Editor: Democrats pursue investigative hypocrisy


Friday, April 19, 2019

Talk about your rank hypocrisy, there is very little precedent for the current monumental sanctimoniousness of the liberals, especially folks like Swalwell and Schiff of California, as well as all their lefty loyalists, who are determined to somehow connect President Trump to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

This despite the two-year, $30 million investigation by Mueller and a host of lawyers and investigators found no evidence of this horrible “collusion” and insufficient evidence of “obstruction.”

Now they want to read every word of the report of that investigation so that they can utilize their usual chicanery, exaggeration, mischaracterization and distortion to rant about some fantastical conspiratorial plot between the president and the Kremlin and his “obstruction” by doing what he was legally entitled to in firing Comey after it was recommended by the acting Attorney General at the time, Rod Rosenstein.

They apparently don’t realize, as usual, that most of the general public is very tired of all this wasted effort, time and money, and that further efforts to demonize the president by the U.S. House and folks like Jerry Nadler and his cronies with their never-ending investigations of everything that Trump has ever done will fit quite appropriately and snugly into that niche.

Keep in mind that while all this is going on, the border patrol is struggling to deal with the crisis at the Mexican border due to the huge increase in Central Americans trying to come into the country by whatever means they can utilize, and that the only action the Democrats have taken in regard to this situation is to claim it is really not a crisis and unduly criticize any actions taken by the president to resolve the problem.

All of that is further empirical evidence that the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts really only have one priority when it comes to governance and that is to try to somehow disparage the president sufficiently so that he will not be re-elected and they can get on with their plans to socialize the United States, even if that is tantamount to the most destructive political process ever visited upon this great old country.

Yes, Mr. Holder and whoever else has proclaimed that this country was never great, you couldn’t be more dead wrong because it is the absolute, unvarnished truth that this is the greatest country ever devised by the mind of man, and all of your grousing and complaining is not going to change one whit of that. I wonder where Eric Holder would rather live? I will bet you a day’s pay he doesn’t have a rational answer for that question.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount