Letter to the Editor: Extremism on both sides detrimental


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Our democratic form of government is all about respect. Unfortunately there is far too little of it from left and right in our nation today.

In a column, "Extremism Not Justified" several excellent points were made about the extremism and lack of respect we face today. A quote from Sen. Bennett of Colorado, "Our founders created a system that would reconcile disagreements and produce much more durable and Imaginative solutions that any tyrant or king would even think." So why should we wish to make changes even to mechanisms that have worked so well for over two centuries? Another point, when there is a change of which party is in control at the national or state government all the parties want to change rules in their favor and show little or no respect for others.

Back and forth to one party rules is nothing short of a disaster. My way or the highway can bring down our Constitution, thus our nation as we know it. Yes some change is inevitable but with our Constitution think long and hard before even considering it. If we are unable to overcome the hate and extremism we are displaying our future is dark indeed.

Kemp Philips

Rocky Mount