Letter to the Editor: Hooray for spring in Rocky Mount!


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We are abloom in every neighborhood, but in the historic West Haven district, an abundance of dogwoods, cherry trees, etc. are minus quite a few blossoms. Why?

Recently, the city of Rocky Mount hired a clearing company to “trim” around utility wires. Being from out-of-state and unsupervised by any local authorities, this clearing company went through the streets of this neighborhood like Sherman through Georgia. Old dogwoods, cherry trees, magnolias and many others were skinned and disfigured unbelievably. Most of these limbs were far too fragile to pose any danger to a power line. These out-of-town folks must have thought they were on I-95.

And if this wasn’t enough of a disaster, think about why our city would hire a company from another state in the first place. All of us would rather our tax money go to a local company or at least, to a company in North Carolina.

Here’s hoping a lesson has been learned, and more thought can be applied in the future.

Jane Shields

Rocky Mount