Letter to the Editor: Obama wasted eight years


Monday, April 8, 2019

It is very obvious to me from Dallas Ford’s comments in his recent letter to the Telegram that there is no love lost for President Trump and that Ford obviously believes that Obama was a much superior president. I suppose everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion on the effectiveness of any president, but I have serious questions about how any rational person could think that Obama was anything other than a waste of eight years and a lot of money, despite the educational credentials touted by Ford.

For starters, Obama apparently thought that free cell phones and paying for old cars was a lot more important than any meaningful use of the resources of the country other than for those kinds of giveaway programs. He expanded the food stamp program by millions and I’m sure he added greatly to other entitlement opportunities for many. However, he had little or no regard for the finances of those of us who did not utilize these entitlements and so the country went through an exceedingly poor economic period with minimal growth. We now have the best period of sustained growth and the lowest unemployment rate in many years and this is directly due to President Trump.

Additionally, Obama’s idea of foreign policy was a mix between apology and concession, as he did very little to enhance our image throughout the world given his weak responses to essentially everything, including use of chemical weapons by Syria against its own people. You may recall that his “red line” was crossed several times with no response until President Trump actually did respond and there have been no known similar attacks since. That fact alone should be ample evidence of the relative strengths of the foreign policy of the two administrations, but you might also remember that Obama went begging to the Iranians for an agreement and ended up giving billions to them to continue their terrorist sponsorship and other efforts against us and our allies. Trump withdrew from that travesty.

I don’t know how you measure the effectiveness of a president, but as for me, our economy and our foreign policy far outweigh obviously ludicrous claims of some ill-defined collusion with the Russians, which have no chance of doing what the liberals pray for every day. And if they continue to go down the garden path to the hellish world of socialism, they can kiss 2020 goodbye also.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount