Letter to the Editor: Liberty requires restraint


Friday, April 5, 2019

I heard a scholar say, “Pedophilia should be embraced.”

Why not, many people have embraced killing babies so why not embrace sexually abusing children?

Question: If we should embrace pedophilia, why not murder, theft — why not rape or whatever satisfies one’s evil desires?

Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College, which will mean the East Coast and California will decide who runs the whole country. Our founders wanted all states to have a say in our elections, hence the Electoral College.

Democrats want to pack the U.S. Supreme Court because it is slanted to the right at this point in time. In the past, they have used left-leaning courts to pass legislation that could not get approved by Congress; so now the left has to change the courts. Our founders intended for it to be hard to pass laws. Laws take away liberty.

Democrats want health care for all, no more private health insurance.

One Democrat presidential candidate is now suggesting illegal immigrants get Social Security benefits.

The left’s “Green New Deal” will do away with anything that fossil fuel powers. No more cows because their farts are contaminating the atmosphere.

They want to confiscate our guns so we will be “safer.” What they really want is control over the people.

They want to silence any speech that makes them uncomfortable or that they don’t agree with.

Progressives on the left and right have stolen so many of our liberties through licensing and regulation requirements.

The Declaration of Independence states: Our Creator endowed each of us with certain unalienable rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Liberty unlike freedom comes with restraint. A republic can only exist if there is liberty (freedom joined with personal restraint).

In other words, a republic can only survive if you have a moral, virtuous people.

We are free to practice sexual immorality, steal, kill, abuse, lie, cheat, be greedy and selfish — but if you do these things you are not supporting our republic. Why? Liberty comes with personal restraint. Without it, our republic cannot survive.

We have a choice to make, do we want to live in a republic where we the people govern ourselves or do we want to be an unrestrained people ruled by thugs?

Julia Manning

Spring Hope