Letter to the Editor: Leftists embrace a traitor


Sunday, March 31, 2019

Benedict Arnold had been hailed as a Revolutionary War hero by General George Washington until he decided to become a traitor and join the British forces. After an unsuccessful battle at West Point, New York, his co-conspiring British counterpart was caught and hanged — a fate that surely would have been Arnold’s had he not escaped to England, where he died in ignominy many years later.

We presently have a situation where a young traitor is seeking to return to this country after giving much aid and comfort to our worst enemy, and eminent socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that she should undoubtedly be allowed to return and that she is a bigger patriot than our soldiers who died fighting the murderous savages in Syria.

There are a lot of things that I don’t fully understand about the attitudes of the socialist/leftist millennials and others, but this is one I will never under any circumstances be able to grasp, or for that matter tolerate. This traitor made propaganda videos for ISIS calling for Americans to be gunned down in the streets or run over by vehicles and for others to join her. She married four different Isis terrorists and had two children by them, one of which died.

Now that ISIS is essentially gone, she has decided that she made mistakes and wants to return to her “beloved” homeland. All I can say about that is that unless she can prove she was a spy for the U.S., she should be shot on sight, and along with myself I know plenty of folks who could be persuaded to volunteer for that duty.

What is it about absolute lunacy that so attracts the leftist crowd? How can they possibly have any rational emotion except contempt for this traitor, yet a lot of them would tell you that she should be entitled to return and would probably contend that she should be entitled to whatever government benefits she might be eligible to receive.

Do their hearts bleed so profusely that they have lost any semblance of sanity, or are they just so determined to oppose anything conservatives support they will somehow conflate treason with patriotism in order to do so?

It is idiocy of the highest order.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount